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Meyla Ruwin is not just a mentor and known coach to all professionals coming from various school levels whether principal, teacher, and even leader in specific department but she has outstanding profile that made her not just interesting but astounding as to her achievements and success. She currently serves as the CEO and Executive Coach of Beksan Imports and Positive Solutions. She completed her studies at Hudson Institute, which was the last that she attended, University of San Francisco and San Jose State University. She’s been with the Beksan Imports and Positive Solutions since April of 2011 where she received her training from Hudson Institute.
Meyla Ruwin received her MPH, Public Health in 1995 at San Jose State University and later took up MA, Organization, and Leadership in 1995 and completed in 1996 at University of San Francisco. She received certification for Leadership Coaching from Hudson Institute in 2011 where she underwent training in 2010. She also received various awards and citations because of her ingenious efforts such as Multicultural Infusion as part of her Master’s thesis. She was the master of Health Education and Theatre focusing and targeting multi-age audiences.
Meyla Ruwin is also affiliated with Certified Hudson Institute Coach, Health Coach Connection, and International Coach Federation. She is an active advocate in implementing the program of awareness and participation in learning health issues by the parents and teens and not just focusing on adults alone. She also worked as the Senior Executive Director of Student Support Services or better known as SFUSD (San Francisco Unified School District) from July 2006 to June 2010 wherein she has contributed 4 years of insights and administration of the Student Support Services. She was responsible for the professional development, health related programs, truancy and attendance monitoring, planning, implementation and evaluation of the services of SFUSD.
One of the things that Meyla Ruwin has attained while serving as a Project Director for SFUSD was the Project Alert, which became essential for innovative practice and implementation of middle school educational system for all students, which she personally proposed. Along with it are the intensive interventions of various schools when it comes to high ratio of alcohol abuse and peers orientation or education to better understand individualities and personalities of students in general. She is also responsible for the family education, which has been accomplished using multilingual literacy through social networking sites and other web-based campaigns to reduce wrong perception about alcohol.




PostHeaderIcon The Great American Whiskey That Is Jack Daniels

These days it’s Jimmy Bradford who wearing Jack’s footwear. The epitome of a Southern polite man (unlike the short-tempered Jack, who past away after kicking a protected in his office), he’s been looking after the whiskey for 32 years, which, he drawls laconically: ‘probably donates me some integrity to converse about distilling’.

They make whiskey somewhat differently in Tennessee, though it’s not – as numerous people believe – sour-mashing that sets it apart. All Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey is made by the sour mash technique: the real distinction lies in the Lincoln County method, or charcoal mellowing, which all Tennessee whiskey must undergo.

For Jimmy, it’s the combination of the limestone water drawn from Cave Spring and the mellowing that helps to give Jack Daniel’s its character. The mellowing engages dripping the new spirit though a 10-foot vat of maple charcoal, which leaches some fusel oils and esters from the essence, while giving it a distinct softness.

There’s only one mashbill – 80 per cent maize, 12 per cent rye and 8 per cent barley malt – for all the Jack Daniel’s brands; significance that the sole difference between such varied products as Green Label, very dark mark and polite man Jack lies in the length of time they have been elderly and where they have been warehoused. With a disperse of customary warehouses, the blenders can mingle whiskeys from different sites and levels to make up the yearned merchandise, and with 7,500 barrels a week being put into the warehouses, they have abounding of alternative.

That figure gives an concept of the sheer scale of the operation. Owner Brown-Forman may, correctly, play up the Sleepy Hollow-type imagery surrounding the small town of Lynchburg, but don’t be fooled: this is a bang-up-to-date distillery applying vintage methods in a highly effective and modern manner black label whiskey. Jack may identify the site, but he’d be astounded by the three huge beer stills and intrigued by the way in which the vapour is fed directly into the doubler, making it a perfected type of lone distillation.

But you don’t believe of Jack Daniel’s in output terms. The tourists who pour into the distillery aren’t that involved in mellowing, distillation methods or the pros and cons of mechanization. They come because they feel part of a family. When an Australian winemaker I understand went to America for the first time, the two locations at the peak of her ‘must-see’ register were Graceland and the Jack Daniel’s distillery. It’s that kind of commitment that makes Jack an American icon.

PostHeaderIcon General Frank Kearney Made the Right Hard Decision

General Frank Kearney made a hard decision that ensured justice prevailed to both defendants and complainants. Kearney, Deputy Commander at Special Operations Command, ejected two Fox Company Marines accused of homicide in Afghanistan after increased criticism from Afghan government and humanitarian organizations, the soldiers allegedly opened fire indiscriminately to the civilians in retaliation to an ambush.
A couple of special probe teams were set to investigate the issue. Nonetheless, after completion the teams had controversial report according to Col. Hans. One report cleared the soldiers of the blame while the other one found the marines responsible for the homicide charges.
General Frank Kearney acted in a just and professional way since he did not declare the soldiers innocent or guilty as the reports contradicted. He expelled the soldiers from Afghanistan and also chose an impartial Special Forces officer to review evidence presented from both of the investigation. The officer was given recommendations on the right action to take on the soldiers. It would have been unfair to the complainants if he ignored the report that found the marines guilty while on the other he would have been biased if he pressed charges to the marines according to one of the reports that suggested they should be responsible for the deaths and injuries of the civilians.
Meanwhile the soldiers’ case has been given another chance upon which the final investigation report would either set them free or have charges opened against them if found guilty. Kearney based his decision on the long experience he has acquired when working as a soldier both locally and in sovereign nations.
Kearney has served in sovereign nations such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iraq, Italy, Afghanistan and in the horn of Africa. This has helped to gain experience and knowledge that there are no specific rules one can use in the combat zone. Sometimes the soldiers are compelled to make life and death decisions that are determined by the combat situation making it hard to determine when an individual is guilty or not.
The spokesperson at Special operations command, Col. Hans Bush remained diehard that the decision made by Kearney was the best since it favored no side. It was also effective since it quelled the uproar by the government and humanitarian organizations.
Kearney is a respected soldier with above 30 years experience in the army. He has served in several hot spot areas including Afghanistan, Iraq and Horn of Africa. This means that he has acquired a lot of knowledge in military operations. He graduated from US military Academy in 1976. Since then, he has participated in various battles including: Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada, Operations Allied Force, Joint Forge and Joint Guardian in the Balkans, Joint Inter-Agency Task Force-Former Regime Elements in Baghdad, Iraq and Operation Iraqi Freedom.
He has also completed various courses that have helped him to step up his knowledge in the military field. General Kearney has additionally held different ranks making him well informed on the plight of the soldiers when at the battlefield. The decisions made are based on engagement rules rater than what the lawyers and commanding officers may propose.